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I am founder and CEO of Kleros , a pioneering project applying blockchain and collective intelligence in dispute resolution.

Kleros was incubated by Thomson Reuters and won the Horizon 2020 "Blockchains for Good" award from the European Union.

Kleros and the Decentralised Justice Movement
Ethereum London

Kleros and the Decentralised Justice Movement

In a world moving towards blockchain platforms, decentralized courts will be a key piece of infrastructure for the future of commerce. Meet Kleros and the decentralised justice movement. Talk by Federico Ast, CEO of Kleros. // About Ethereum London Ethereum London #ethldn is the home of the Ethereum community in London. The community provides multiple meetup every month. // About #ethldn Keynote The #ethldn keynote is a lecture style event with speakers from brilliant projects all around the world. Highlight speakers include: - Vitalik Buterin (founder of Ethereum) - Gavin Wood (co-founder of Ethereum & Polkadot) - Stefan George (co-founder of Gnosis) - Makoto Inoue (founder of Kickback dapp and ENS developer) Join our future events: Find out what we're all about Tweet us: // #ethldn supporters Thanks go to, Imperial College London and EIT Digital for their ongoing support of our community. Disclaimers: Ethereum London/ethldn is not related to any organisation, foundation, company, or product. We are 100% volunteer-run and stay committed to promoting a community that's entirely blockchain and technology agnostic. The appearance of projects and presentations at Ethereum London/ethldn does not represent an endorsement from any of our members, volunteers, supporters, or sponsors. Nothing presented constitutes investment advice in any form.
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